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October 2020

Software and Web Development Company

Technically proficient programming and creative web development services for related group companies and third parties.

The name 180Vita comes from “180™” or to turn something around, flip it on its head and Vita means life - Our projects breathe a fresh perspective and we pride ourselves on using a robust tech stack using tools we believe will last and assist our development efforts for years to come.
Company Number SC376685
VAT Number 142406347
Legal Entity Identifier 213800KPZQ1ZEA6X1E54
Company Status Active
Company type Private limited Company
Incorporated on 12 April 2010
ClientsServicing since 2010

We Target Business Opportunities

The industries which 180Vita operates within are selected based on a number of pre-selected criterium. This strategy gives each 180Vita business the best chance of success.

Factors include, competition, client demand, and average user value. For example, in an industry such as travel, we would not seek to compete with big players like Google or Booking, but rather seek to drive high net-worth leads hotels and tourism services that will offer a concierge level experience.

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Building A+ content and Greater UX

Once the sector has been identified we build websites that organically attract users. This is achieved with A+ content, promotions and a great user experience. All websites are integrated with our in-house operations system that ensures effective website management and iteration.

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Multi-Channel Monetization

Around 50% of our revenue is earned from referring users of 180Vita websites to partners, who pay a fee to our brands.

The other half of our revenue is derived from performance based marketing campaigns and native advertising, deployed across our network of websites.

$100m+ in customer revenue
generated for 180Vita ltd partners since 2010
Partners who help 180Vita ltd deliver top class Services:

About 180Vita

The company was founded last decade in 2010 and has delivered web development projects and profitably sold websites and IP on numerous occasions to PLCs for significant sums.

180Vita develops aspects of the development framework on behalf of the respective companies in the group and has worked on joint venture projects like GachaHerbal, in addition to more in house projects like DocumentaryTube.

180Vita and the 180Group’s head offices are in Edinburgh, United Kingdom and the company has colleagues and partners working from over 20 different countries around the world, including satellite offices in Bosnia, Thailand and corporate affairs in the United Kingdom, Montenegro and Hong Kong.


Lucrative Opportunities

We specialize in online gaming and finance, and operate leading websites in these sectors.