About 180Vita

Search, Build & Monetize - Our journey so far

Founded in Edinburgh, in 2010, 180Vita ltd is a digital marketing business focused on the gaming and finance industries.
Originally operating in the online poker industry, 180Vita now commands hundreds of online properties and reach millions of users every day.
We build online brands that users visit and trust - So when it comes to choosing which bookie to use to bet on the premier league or which stockbroker you should choose for your first trade, you may end up using a 180Vita website.
About us
About us
Our websites are completely, free. We never charge users money and invest bullishly into our technology, content and support. This is what keeps our brands growing and ensures they are are authorities in their respective industries.
In 2015, we acquired OfficialMedia - a native advertising platform network, and today in addition to delivering new customers to our partners through our own (self-built) brands, we utilizie OfficialMedia, it’s native campaigns and network of over 1,000 partners.
Today, 180Vita is a global business. Employees spanning 6 continents, and offices in Edinburgh, Scotland. We plan to continue to grow our presence and consolidate marketing channels in our specialist niches and make synergistic acquisitions.

Life at 180Vita

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