Oct 10

OnlinePokerLeague (OPL) Launch

We're delighted to announce the official launch of our latest new project -

Online Poker League (OPL for short) is comprised of more than 50 online tournaments played at over 10 poker rooms over the course of each season (which each last around 2 months).

The project aims to fill a sizeable gap in the market - Where many independent live poker leagues have succeeded and flourished over the years, nobody has put together an online equivalent at a scale which creates excitement, competition and a real sense of community.

OPL boasts a $10,000 seasonal leaderboard (of which you can expect at least 5 season per year) awarding points to players who finish highest in events, and over $25,000 in added prizes across the events. It continues our company trend of adding the best industry value to our loyal members.