PokerTube launches cutting-edge new site
Feb 19

PokerTube launches cutting-edge new site

18 February 2014, Edinburgh, UK (Press Release), the world’s largest free poker media portal, has relaunched with an eye-catching new site.

In the most comprehensive revamp since the site was taken over by UK-based company 180Vita in 2012, Pokertube is now fully optimised for mobile, while its desktop site will offer live streaming of major tournaments from around the world including this year’s Irish Poker Open.

Users can now access World Series of Poker broadcasts and classic shows such as High Stakes Poker on the move, as well as exclusive training videos and online tournament recaps.

Pokertube has also added a new store, where members can buy training videos, poker books and everything else needed to help them improve their game.

“Our team has put a huge amount of effort into the new Pokertube site and we can say with confidence that it is going to blow people away. We want Pokertube to be the go-to destination for every level of poker player, from those who want to improve their poker ability to those who want to watch their favourite players in action,” Jamie Nevin, 180Vita founder, said.

Pokertube is just one part of 180Vita’s extensive portfolio of educational and entertainment sites, and more are set to follow in 2014.